The Datacomm Academy is a corporate learning hub that equips associates with in-demand managerial and leadership competencies, plus IT skills. It provides learning solutions for talented people to start a smooth and fast IT career. Candidates come for the experience and stay for their future at Datacomm.

About the Academy

Datacomm’s IT Academy is a powerful educational platform for students and graduates that want to improve their technical skills in IT. Taking a short-term (two to four months) course, they work in teams on theoretical and practical challenges and earn an IT speciality afterwards. Training is both free (Fed Foundation Scholarship) and paid.

Free courses are designed for those who already have some basic technical knowledge. Having completed our free courses, the most talented graduates will receive a job offer. Paid courses are for beginners and those willing to switch to the IT industry.

The Academy is open to everyone ready to learn something new. On the Learning and Certification page, you can choose from a variety of educational formats, including IT academy courses, international certifications, or events.

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