Big Data & Analytics

Our Big Data and Analytics division provides clean and specialised data, actionable intelligence, and analytical solutions to businesses and professionals around the continent. With more than twenty years of extensive experience and skills under our belts, we can help you gain valuable insights from your data – which leads to better decision-making, competitive advantage and an increased ROI.

We work with all business sizes, including those with a global reach, and those operating in niche or local areas. Primarily, we help those in the banking, telecom, public, transportation, oil and gas, and energy sectors. Our comprehensive portfolio of digital subscription products includes:

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The world is rapidly moving towards the fourth industrial revolution, and businesses that haven’t grown their artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities might get left behind.

AI and ML allow businesses to operate efficiently, act quicker, and create a powerful impact—all at scale. These solutions empower managers to tackle multi-dimensional problems that require a non-traditional approach. Costs can be optimised through AI algorithms and process automation, while new business models can be developed and launched by automating tasks through computer vision. Natural language processing and speech recognition can help streamline many corporate processes and functions.

AI and ML Benefits
  • Automates various system operations, including your contact centre.
  • Optimises business processes.
  • Helps to monitor business efficiency.
  • Quickens fraud detection.
  • Aids knowledge management.
  • Easily detects anomalies.
  • Helps with predictive maintenance and supply chain management.
  • Identifies product recommendations and aids personalisation.
  • Strengthens marketing and promotional efforts.

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