Datacomm is a fully established IT consulting and cloud solutions provider operating across different industry sectors globally. We specialise in cloud-based CRM, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions with particular focus on using people, processes and technology to digitally transform organisations across the following sectors:

With careful consideration of our clients’ requirements, we’re able to develop and deploy solutions rapidly. Our unique customer-focused approach to business means we can help our clients react appropriately to their ever-changing operating environment.

How We Work

We approach each project as a long-term partnership with our sharp focus on the needs and values of our customers. We work closely with each client to identify ways to grow their business and sustain their competitive advantage; a model which challenges the status quo of traditional business relationships. We understand that each market has specific requirements and so we customise our data-based solutions to suit these along with our clients’ organisational strategic objectives.

Our progressive company culture allows us to identify industry gaps, develop new ways of working, reinvent crucial business processes to make them more effective, and find new operating models to digitally fulfil unmet customer needs.

We aim to inspire the global technology community to design, build and run a better digital world by deploying our data insights to inform our clients’ mission-critical priorities, helping them lead their organisations into the future. With an in-depth knowledge of process frameworks and proprietary methodologies, we deliver products and services that ensure you can access the trusted insights, guidance and solutions needed to fuel your competitive advantage, minimise risk, drive results, boost operations and truly prosper.

Corporate Values
Our Values

Our process model is underpinned by our values that show who we are, how we behave and what we believe in. Living and working by our values help us make the best decisions, be successful in our endeavours, and stand out for all the right reasons.

Our Purpose

What we do and how we do it contributes to a sustainable future for our people, customers and communities. We aim to act ethically and transparently. Specifically, we:

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